Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

 A website is like a digital footprint. You may spend hours deciding on a killer design and a savvy user interface, but if your website doesn’t rank on the initial pages of search engines, all is lost. While the spread of internet in India offers an opportunity to take your local business global, it isn’t that easy to get the customer views.

Search Engine Marketing For a website to be visible in the digital realm, you need to ensure that search pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc note you down which can be done in consideration with the various parameters of online marketing. Be it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC), investing in search engine marketing can increase your online reach. And that is where we come in. Whether your potential customers are in India or global, Ethinos provides you efficient search engine marketing services to get an edge over your competitors and make you get noticed online. Our team of certified webmasters and social media experts, with their understanding of B2B and B2C operations, can help your business grow exponentially in India. As Google partners and Bing certified operators, our agency handpicks the best online solutions for all your marketing projects. With a methodical analysis of your company’s requirements, we draft a search engine marketing strategy that complements your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engines use a lot of algorithms to decide which website ranks where. The course of action to craft a website in a manner that is well received by the search engine is called search engine optimization or SEO. While SEO is free, it isn’t easy to get a page to rank.

Search engine optimization has come to mean stocking up on keywords, but it is not just that. A search engine assesses a lot of parameters to pick the top websites for any business, industry or topic. A structured data approach, unique content marketing and rich snippets are primary requirements alongside keywords.

Our webmasters keep track of top keywords and SEO trends to boost your marketing efforts. We provide SEO services across major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our expertise on Google spans Google Analytics and Google updates such as Pigeon, Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, etc. Using a collection of SEO tools and a blend of on-page and off-page optimization, we ensure high-placement rankings and drive quality traffic to your website.

With most content shifting to mobiles, we provide SEO services for the mobile platform as well. For more information on our SEO services, get in touch with us today.


Most online activities begin with search engines leading to millions of searches a day. There is a lot of data and clutter for your website to make way through your audience.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an excellent way to reach your target audience directly. Not only does it give you access to your target group, it is also cheaper than traditional advertising as you only pay for the clicks you get. Pay Per Click campaigns can be designed according to your display network criteria to generate leads. These leads can further be retargeted.

We can help you create and run targeted advertising campaigns on different networks like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and all up and rising social networks.  Being Google Adwords certified, we can lay out a strategy using banner ads, landing pages to ensure the best return on investment (ROI) through PPC.  We guide you in marketing your B2B, B2C services which includes

  • Google Adwords
  • Banner ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  ads
  • Retargeting and Remarketing
  • Media Buying
  • Google Products Listing

Our webmasters help you fix the optimum Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression value for various online properties.

Ethinos’ search engine marketing solutions will help your website drive more traffic and reach potential customers by tying together today’s online marketing options. Boost your online presence with effective paid and social media campaigns while you are building organic traffic and improving high rankings in SERP. Get in touch with us today.

Latest updates in Search Engine Marketing

Alpha- The New AdWords Interface Is Rolling Out

Google has been building the new AdWords interface and granting access to more advertisers. It’s adding more features to the UI. But you can still toggle back & forth between the old and new interfaces.

Scheduling For Ad Extensions Rolled Out For Bing Ads

Bing has rolled out an extension for scheduling ads. Advertisers can now choose when they want to show their ads. It’s an option for app, sitelink, callout, location and structured snippets.

Search Ads & Shopping Campaigns Introduced by Pinterest

Pinterest has introduced search ads and shopping campaigns for users for scaling its advertising efforts. Pinterest will offer feed based shopping campaigns and keyword campaigns. For these offerings, Pinterest will be in partnership with Kenshoo.