Digital Marketing For Financial Companies: Yes They Should Bet On Better Strategies

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If the last year has taught us anything, it is that new technologies are essential for life and business.

By now you should have experienced firsthand how companies had to resort to video chats, software, apps, and more to be able to function with their production processes such as monitoring tasks and projects, information management, etc., etc., etc.

The most interesting thing is that this technology did not come out of the blue, or was developed by the contingency of 2020, but rather exists as a fundamental part of the operation of many companies.

The use of gadgets, apps, or digital platforms to streamline communication and processes in a company is not new, but in the face of the emergency scenario, it was the island that allowed many companies to survive in the midst of the storm.

What humanity lived in 2020 and continues to be a part of the year 2021, was a giant leap to create a paradigm between technology and the way in which people consume, buy, or contract services.

This includes, of course, financial marketing that is done by digital means.

Financial digital marketing and digital transformation

What did the financial sector learn from the digital world?

  1. The market needs digital services that are fast, efficient, and secure.
  2. That competition between financial service providers through digital means will increase, given the epiphany that in the end, the user is making decisions on Google and social networks.

Financial digital marketing strategies will be vital for service companies as the challenges are not few.

Financial Digital Marketing Strategies that companies do need

Less presence and more engagement

The investment in digital advertising must be done in terms of objectives. Today more than ever return on investment is important for businesses and their marketing budgets.

Hiring an optimized website oriented to sales, generation of contacts and prospects that can become clients, offers competitive advantages in a market that is increasingly updated and determined to increase its online presence.

On your company site, it is possible to control the experience of your visitors and convert them into qualified prospects.

The results can be even greater if you have an intelligent CRM such as HubSpot with which you can personalize the experience of each user according to their maturation process if they are in an early stage or in the last stages of the purchase route.

Ad campaigns targeting budget optimization

The campaign’s pay-per-click (PPC) consists of a schedule of different ads and offers service channels where business prospects are looking for options.

The advertising investment must be seen as such and for which it must measure its respective return and this is only possible by knowing and evaluating the digital audiences.

Data analysis, conversion rates, number of visits, traffic, and other elements allow you to optimize and get more with less budget.

The advertising PPC efforts play an important part in the marketing business since it is these that can lead an ad campaign to markets that interest the financial sector.

For a targeted PPC strategy, you will need:

  • Full knowledge of the market
  • Constant measurement and optimization of results
  • The size of the audience and its complexity, which include factors such as the amount of investment and geographic coverage.
  • Access to specialized software that allows to measure and generate audiences that allow better numbers. An example of this is HubSpot.

Consider Inbound Marketing for a digital strategy for companies in the financial industry

More than a sales methodology, Inbound Marketing applied to the financial sector is a philosophy that takes into account the needs of companies that compete in a world where purchase decisions are being made on digital platforms.

The financial services industry is within the market known as the hard decision market.

This means that a person interested in hiring services of this type does not make the decision to buy or enroll overnight.

Financial digital marketing must be mature, which means creating strategies that accompany the prospect through their purchase route, starting from their first contact with your brand until they become a customer.

Advertising can no longer be invasive but must constitute a more functional, humane, and overall holistic experience.

Some Inbound marketing strategies that are successful in the financial market are:

  • Having a website optimized for sales and directing traffic to it through landing pages, content relevant to your audience, chatbot strategies and conversations on social networks, SEO optimization for search engines, among others.
  • Creating valuable pieces of content that will generate more qualified leads over time.
  • Comprehensive strategies that integrate the ideal channels and formats to connect with your audience using the best marketing technologies.

Align your marketing and sales departments to work together

The alignment of your digital marketing efforts and your sales team is necessary to guarantee closings. It consists of standardizing the service and collaboration agreements of both departments to achieve business objectives.

The leads that your digital marketing team generates must be matured by your sales team to achieve better closings. That is why the exchange of information between both departments should be designed and optimized.

How is this alignment achieved?

  • Objectives are established for each department that is shared and it goes much further than saying “we need to sell so much by that date.”
  • Communication practices, regular meetings and knowledge of what sales and marketing do are encouraged to generate prospects.
  • The use of a shared CRM is encouraged that allows all those involved in the sales and prospecting process the status of each of the prospects.

There are many benefits of having an alignment between your digital marketing team and your salespeople, but it is undoubtedly an important measure in these times where digitization will be a key factor for the survival of many businesses in the financial sector.

Your financial services company needs to take the step towards digitization and competitiveness.

Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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