How to Ensure That Your Website Design Creates the Maximum Synergy with Your Instagram Account

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Online marketers love social media because unlike websites, it allows them to extend their reach to untapped target audiences, engage with them, and create top-of-the-mind brand recall and loyalty. Instagram especially has become the darling of marketers because not only does it have one of the biggest numbers of monthly active users but also an engagement rate that beats the rest of social media combined. The conversion ratio of Instagram being among the best, all online marketers know the vital importance of creating synergy between Instagram and the design of their website.

  • Some Important Instagram Statistics for Marketers 
  • One billion people use Instagram every month.
  • 200 million Instagram users check the minimum one business profile daily, according to com.
  • 62% say seeing brands or products in Stories makes them more interested in them.
  • Five hundred million people use Instagram Stories each day.
  • 73% of U.S. teens say the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions is Instagram.
  • 3% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020.

The outstanding reach of Instagram is the principal reason for marketers to use Instagram. An increasing number of marketers are also taking a relook at their websites to make them more compatible and adaptable to social media. Website developers have realized that it is more important now than ever to create web designs that stimulate social interaction. With virtually all users switching from websites to social media networks and back seamlessly as they interact with the world at large, website developers are quickly learning to deal effectively with the challenges of providing the same kind of dynamic vibrancy users enjoy on social media like Instagram. Some practical tips on maximizing the synergy between websites and Instagram:

  • Interactive Web Design

Undoubtedly the most endearing aspect of Instagram apart from being able to post interesting and engaging visual content is that marketers can interact with users. This leads to better engagement, especially when other users see a large number of likes and comments that you may have obtained from digital marketing agencies like . When your Instagram followers are redirected to your website, it is but natural that they would like to continue to enjoy the same kind of user experience when browsing the website. Typically, website design is static and does not allow for any real-time interaction, which means the challenge before website developers are to build in the same kind of interaction in their website design to ensure that the visitor does not experience a major difference in his online experience. When website designers can achieve a very high quality of user experience, the brand appeal gets a big boost paving the way for long-term memorability and better conversions.

  • Aesthetics 

Conventionally business websites have tended to be more conservative in their effort to present a professional image. However, social media, especially Instagram posts are markedly different in their aesthetic presentation. The appearance is noticeably more relaxed and also freer flowing and marketers tend to present their brands as being more human. There is more use of bold and vibrant color schemes and increased flexibility in the use of typefaces. It is quite natural that visitors to your website would receive a kind of culture shock when they arrive from a more dynamic Instagram page to a website that is stiffer by comparison. This can confuse them and prevent conversions from taking place. Website designers will have to find ways of representing the business in a manner that is more akin to the presentation of the brand over social media and make the website experience more relaxed and fun. If you think that the personality you present over Instagram is a hit with your target audience then maybe you should consider a complete website design revamp to ensure more similarity.

  • Logos

It is fundamental to remain side by side with the most recent website design patterns. Along these lines, a makeover in the plan appears to be very significant.

This perspective needs more significance while thinking about that website design will have intuitive components, which will be comparable to online networking sites. Logo configuration is by all accounts the substance of the online element and intently identifies with brands.

Those logos should be balanced and refined to resonate with the new feel of the brand. If necessary, the whole design can experience a total change.

  • Dealing with the focal point

It is fundamental for entrepreneurs and web specialists to make a focal fascination point on a website. It will help in copying the Instagram design components which feature the client’s images as a point of convergence. You should begin by perceiving the best part of your business that you need to exhibit. You can cause coherent and smooth routes for the clients to see what you mean for them to see.

  • Minimalism

The fixed dimensions of images that can be posted on Instagram is a limiting factor, however, it does teach marketers the benefits of adopting a minimalist presentation without redundant content and unnecessary elements introduced just for the sake of design and not for any utility. The ability to cut through the clutter of posts in the feed of the Instagram user is the most important element for successful brand awareness and engagement. Web designers too can embrace the same design concepts and create strikingly minimalist websites, use vacant spaces to create an impact, and not introduce distractions for the users that can prevent them from focusing on the main content and their intention to make successful conversions.


Instagram has become popular and successful is because of its informal nature, the ability to connect with the emotions of the target audience besides a high level of interaction. It is the flexibility of approach that makes it much loved by marketers and users alike. Website designers will do well to incorporate the same free-spirited dynamic and flexible approach to website design that will encourage users to spend more time on the website and convert efficiently.

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