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Facebook apps are slowly becoming an integral part of the Facebook timeline. And working in a social media agency, adapting to Facebook’s constant changes and updates is more a matter of ‘when’ (generally assumed immediately) than ‘if’ (that isn’t really an option)!

The latest update to the Facebook timeline has dedicated the entire left hand side section of the timeline to display users’ interactions with various apps. This update makes way for apps to appear more prominently on users’ timelines. Users can now also add an app as a stand-alone section on their timeline and ‘About’ page.

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Facebook has released another update that allows developers to create Open Graph stories and timeline collections more easily. With these new features, developers can easily create and post an action when a user interacts with the product on the website. This means that once a user chooses to interact with the app, brands can post from users’ timelines. This communication will seem more authentic because it is coming from a user’s profile and not a brand’s social presence.

Facebook Open Graph

With these advanced features, Open Graph can work wonders to drive relevant traffic to your website and increase the possibilities of your content going viral!

Here are some important reasons why you can’t afford to ignore Facebook Open Graph:

Capture detailed information about users:

With Open Graph, your website can pull detailed information about users like email address, phone number, age, sex, etc.

Depending on the type of business you operate, you can use this information to create an exclusive and interactive experience that is unique to each visitor.

Easy login and sign up:

Open Graph eliminates the need for users to remember their login information for your website because they can login through their Facebook account with just a simple click. These features also end up making the sign-up process very easy for new users.

Promote your website in the visitors’ news feed:

Once a user logs in to your website, the website has the permission to post on the users’ walls according to the actions the users undertake on your website. Using Open Graph, you can create multiple stories with different actions and objects. For example, if a visitor reads or rates a blog post on your website, Open Graph will automatically post a story to his timeline.

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Offer users a personalized experience:

Using the data captured from users, you can suggest products and services based on their likes and interests on Facebook. You can influence your users by displaying the products and services viewed by their friends; because people tend to trust peer recommendations more than they trust a brand’s communication.

It’s the future:

Whether you like it or not, Open Graph is the future where digital marketing is headed. The possibilities on how businesses can use it are endless. Sooner or later, businesses will have to leverage Open Graph to take their digital marketing strategy on Facebook to the next level.

To integrate Facebook’s Open Graph to your website, follow the instructions here:

If you need some additional advice with how best to integrate Facebook into your social media marketing, get in touch with us! We are here to help!

If Facebook’s Open Graph is already integrated into your website, share your experience in the comments!

Abhishek is a part of the Ethinos search team and helps client with various search techniques.

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