3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

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People love to talk. And there is no guessing what they’ll want to talk about. If they happen to be your customers, they will probably talk about you too. Share their experience, recommend you, complain about you, etc.  You will sooner or later become a talking point for your customers online. And customers don’t just talk about you; but also try and address you to get their voice heard. This voice of your customers is also heard by your potential customers, your other current customers, and your past customers. And people will surely trust the opinions of others more than your brand advertisement or PR release. This means that a lot of these opinions being shared online do really matter and will affect your brand, one way or the other. The conversations will happen, with or without you. Might as well join them, right? And if you’re still not convinced, here are three main reasons why brands shouldn’t shut their eyes and ears to the online chatter

1. Online conversations are measurable; which means that you can look at them and measure your marketing effectiveness.  You can also evaluate if a proper digital marketing strategy and counter measures are in place, to help consumers get balanced information about the products and the company’s stand in case of untoward incidents or crises.

social media marketing strategy2. Proactive monitoring of mentions of the brand online can help avert any potential crisis that can occur. There are a number of cases where brands have been caught off-guard by mentions that emerged in social media, escalated, and then went out of control. Listening to social media by keeping an eye on the levels of the buzz created and sentiment around your brands and products, will help you detect any issues that could impact the brand.

digital marketing strategy3. Social media monitoring can also be used to benchmark your brand with the competition. A lot of potential buyers compare products, their features, the advantages and disadvantages, and the reason why they should pick one brand over the other. Monitoring your competitors is a basic fundamental of staying ahead in the game. Social media monitoring tools help marketing managers understand their brands’ share of online conversations compared to their competitors and help them understand the reasons why they are winning or losing the competitive edge. These insights can help to formulate a sound digital marketing strategy that effectively cuts though the competition and clutter.

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If you’re convinced about monitoring your social media mentions, check our earlier post for some useful tools that could ease the process for you.

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Does your social media agency help you with monitoring and analytics? Do you feel it really makes a difference to your business? Tell me in the comments!

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