3 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

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Online marketing is a great way to attract customers who may be searching for products and services on the web. Today, more people have access to the internet. Because of this, businesses should adapt their marketing strategies to allow help customers to discover them online. Perhaps you’re already doing this and you’re doing everything you can to attract more people to your company such as having an online presence and allowing customers to easily navigate your website. But you’re not getting noticeable results. This may be a sign that you should step up your digital marketing game. Luckily, there are various ways to do this.

1. Know Your Audience

When looking for ways to improve your online marketing, consider what you know about your audience first. So many companies miss the mark when it comes to knowing about the people they want to sell to. Of course, you may know the basics, but it’s usually best to dig a bit deeper. For example, if your company sells anti-aging skincare products that help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, you might determine that your audience is younger women who want to keep looking youthful as they age. However, further research might discover that older women can benefit from your products as well. Therefore, if you’re not marketing to the right audience, it can cause you to miss the mark when it comes to getting people to make a purchase.
There’s a difference between having an idea of what your target audience wants and fully knowing their exact wants, needs, preferences, goals, pain points and preferred solutions.

2. Perform Keyword Research

If you don’t know the keywords your target audience is searching for online, it can be hard to attract them to your website. Use a reliable keyword research tool and put in a few search terms that are related to your business, industry and offerings. For example, if you’re offering your audience a free logo generator, you might use the terms “logo maker”, “free logo design” or “create a custom logo”. Then, look at the stats for these terms. Below are key factors that can help you determine the quality of a keyword:

    • Search volume: This statistic represents the number of people searching for a specific keyword each month. The more people search for a keyword, the more likely you are to receive traffic on your website. Therefore, if a keyword has a high search volume, you may get a lot of traffic and vice versa.
    • Competition: Keyword competition involves looking at other sites that have ranked for a particular keyword. If lots of websites are ranking for your chosen keyword, then you have a high keyword competition.
    • Difficulty: Some keyword research tools show the difficulty score which represents how easy (or challenging) it can be to rank for a keyword. Having high keyword competition and going against more authoritative, trustworthy sites can make ranking for a keyword more difficult.

3. Write Quality Content
Over the years, customers’ tastes have changed and evolved. Customer expectations for brands are much higher than they were in the past. They’re not as naive as they were during the age of consumerism when they were more likely to trust advertisements. Now, people want to do their own research about a product and “see for themselves” if it really works.
This distrust has made many consumers avoid being sold to. Instead, they value brands that want to actually help them with detailed tips and actionable advice. On your company’s website, you can create a blog where you post lots of valuable content such as news in your industry, latest developments, tips and tricks, how-to articles and more. People tend to trust businesses that genuinely want to help them and aren’t always trying to sell to them. Google and major search engines also prioritize quality content. Search engines want to lead people to the best possible resource.
If you’re noticing that your online marketing could use some improvement, you’ve taken a big step in the right direction. The next thing to do is to apply your new knowledge to your marketing strategy for the best possible results.

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