5 Simple Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Business Content

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To achieve optimum sales for your business, your content needs quality attention. It should penetrate into the minds of the target audience and create a brand image to last permanently. If your business isn’t getting the desired outcome despite all the marketing efforts, try to figure out some other strategies.

Customers have several questions in their mind while going through a website. Is your website answering those? A 2019 B2B content marketing research specifies 90% of the best performing B2B marketers give the highest priority to their audience’s information more than their company’s promotional messages. Also, 44% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Map out an approach to eliminate the drawbacks and increase the credibility of your website. While you do so, here are other considerations to help boost the performance of your business.

  1. Focus on the Message

What you are trying to convey through the content displayed on your homepage leading to several other pages is crucial. Develop your goals and research well before putting up anything. Analyze the existing content or data you are providing. You need to understand your potential customers and where the subject matter lies. For that, do some surveys to find out your outreach. You can hire blogger outreach services to increase brand visibility, credibility, reader engagement, the ease of user experience, and much more. Your campaign must reach more people and generate an equivalent number of subscribers.

Your content should give valuable information with a message that can effectively reach your target audience. Do not worry even if you have to provide information for free. It will only increase conversions, as your audience will start trusting the valuable data you are providing and come back repeatedly.

  1. Modify and Adjust

Make adjustments and improvise your existing strategies. It is highly possible that you may not be giving enough reasons for your visitors to stay and buy the product. The website performance and downloading speed play a key role in retaining customers. It decides customer behavior and turns them into sale conversions.

Pay attention to the image size. A lot of your website’s page weight is on the images. Reduce it or adjust accordingly. You do not want to lose customers even for a millisecond.

Dynamic content is always an outcome of rigorous experimentation. Also, modify the articles and make them more informative. As in, what practical knowledge customers can gain from it. It can be a ‘how to’ or ‘benefits of’ article, which can enhance user engagement.

Millions of people surf the internet every day looking for services that suit their needs. Reduce the number of HTTP requests (HTML, CSS and JavaScript files) to increase the speed of your website. You can either minify them or combine to reduce unnecessary codes or whitespace.

  1. Social Media Marketing

It is highly necessary to make the best use of social media. Merely keeping the icons of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on your website is not going to work. Try to increase your existence on all social media platforms by posting regularly and responding to feedbacks. The more the interaction is, the greater the conversion rate will be. Your constant presence on these platforms will increase traffic. Keep your audience updated by posting infographics, podcasts, and other collateral on your social media accounts persistently. Think beyond blogs.

Social media is unpredictable. You need to implement some reliable marketing strategies on these platforms to easily reach your goals. The most recent hype going around is the ‘social media influencer’. Reaching your target audience through an influencer can bridge the gap between the two parties. Companies are looking at all kinds of social media influencers who can establish a bond between the brand and its customers. It offers credibility as it comes from a relatively reliable point of view.

  1. Diversify Online Marketing

Online marketing or digital marketing implies campaigns and brand promotions through both digital platforms and non-internet based channels. Choose multiple channels to build brand awareness and generate website traffic. As mentioned above, there are social media, email, pay-per-click, SEO, and display advertisements. Your business will not come to a halt if any one of these suddenly loses effect.

  1. Track your Progress

Identify your website’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to track its success or failure. You need to find out the daily traffic on your website, conversion rates, amount of time spent on the site, and so on. There are some KPI metrics which can help you track progress:

Bounce rate– Bounce rate indicates the fraction of site visitors who stay on a particular page and exit without returning to any other webpage. It is the percentage of single-page visitors to your website. You can calculate the bounce rate of the web page and the website through Google analytics. A decent 26%-40% of bounce rate is good for the website. A higher bounce rate indicates that your content is not compelling enough to make your audience stay and go through other pages.

Website Visits– If you are running a social media campaign, you need to check the total number of visitors you can attract through it.

The Number of Shares– Social media allows social learning and sharing. Find out how much your content is gaining social shares and comprehend how the style or the topic is gaining good responses.

Average Time on Page– The bounce rate including the pages viewed per session signifies the average time spent on your website. If a visitor stays for less than 15 seconds, they did not find your content relevant. And if the average time is 3 minutes, you are successful in gaining your audiences’ attention.

Pay-per-click– There are several ways to calculate your PPC. A higher PPC means a higher return on investment (ROI).

Besides the above points, keep a note of your leads generated, the conversion rate, and the revenue generated. You can follow these basic ideas to generate sales and increase the performance of your website in the long term.

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