FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Stats

Bringing the World Cup Alive, Again, with a One-of-its-Kind Infographic

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FIFA World Cup Infographic

Fifa Football World Cup 2014 Brazil Infographic Comes Alive

Goal, Goal, Goal, Goallllll!!! You can totally recall shouting that along with the commentator while watching a particular exciting game, right? Of course! Because that’s what experiencing the game is all about. Losing oneself into the arousing and insightful commentary, being one with the passionately chanting fans on the field, the pumped up intensity and rivalry among teams and its players; that’s what makes football come alive.

And to cherish that experience, as die-hard football fans, we have created our own little tribute to the Football World Cup 2014. We have brought together all the interesting facts about this World Cup in our unique yet eye-catching animated infographic. It’s bundled with some awesome graphics and bite-sized bits of information and statistics from the online and on-field coverage of this year’s Football World Cup held at Brazil.

The most social World Cup totally deserved a special tribute from Ethinos Digital Marketing; a full-service digital marketing agency that prides itself on innovation and creativity in social media and digital marketing strategy. We hope we did justice with this innovative infographic.

What was your favourite World Cup moment? Did you like this animated infographic? Leave us a message in your thoughts. And do spread the word because sharing is caring!

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