Check List for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Given below is a list of some key things that companies need to keep in mind before spending time and money on an SEO effort. Digital Marketing Agency

• Is the keyword present in the domain? If possible, this will reduces the link building effort.
• Is your keyword present in the URL? Use your target keywords in the URL if possible.
• Are your keywords present in title tag? Try to keep these as close to the beginning of the page as possible.
• Are keywords present in the description meta tags? This should reflect your services or products (What you are offering).
• Are your keywords in the alt image tags?
• Check for ease of navigation and user friendly structure. Your website should be easily navigable and accessible to the user.
• Create a custom 404 not found page.
• Check for the page redirects – if changing address use appropriate page redirect 301 or 302.
• Keyword Density in body copy/text: Should be between 5 to 10%.
• Individual keyword Density should be between 1 to 6%.
• Keywords in heading tag: Use H1 to H6 to write headings on your webpage.
• Keyword font is either bold or italic where possible to show emphasis.
• Keyword phrase order anticipates search terms: try to pre-empt how people search on search online.
• Keyword should appear early in page.
• No keyword stuffing – search engines can penalize your website which will disappear from the results.
• Use keywords in anchor text: optimize clicks on those links to get the good inter linking structure set up.
• Keyword phrases should be structured around the popular search terms.

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