afaqs award winner

Ethinos makes it to the Winners’ List of the inaugural edition of The SkunkWorks Challenge!

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afaqs award winner

Like we had told you in a blog post before, Ethinos had made it to the Top 10 Finalists of The SkunkWorks Challenge, held by Times of India and afaqs!

And the verdict is out! We’ve made it to the Winners’ List!

14th and 15th of July saw two of our team members at their resourceful best, as they coordinated and worked out details to put together a digital marketing campaign for Organ Donation Day. It was a seemingly simple brief; but actually turned out to be one that kept our team on their toes and saw them work on it till the wee hours of morning!

Endless phone calls, arguments, emails, discussions, images, designs, media plans later; we finally had a campaign that made its mark and got us on the Winners’ List of The SkunkWorks Challenge’s inaugural edition.

It was a good opportunity to connect with peers, share thoughts and ideas; and the final presentations threw up some very interesting perspectives on effective digital marketing strategy. Even the judges’ feedback proved useful in terms of insights on what we must and must not stick to, as we work in the future.

The positive result within just 24 hours has got us thinking!

We are wondering if this is a good practice to adopt even in our daily operations as a digital marketing company. Get small groups of people to isolate themselves, be away from the office, and put their heads together to come up with pitches, ideas, contests, infographics; pretty much everything we might need at one day’s notice!

Considering how clients always need deliverables URGENTLY, they are bound to be a happy lot!

And fun for us too! Work accompanied by a break from the same desk, chair, and coffee? Seems legit!

What do you think? Worth an attempt? Will this approach work in a social media agency?

Stay tuned; so you’ll know when we post our experience with this!

Siddharth Hegde

Marketer, Maven, Mentor. 3 Ms that define Siddharth Hegde, a.k.a. Sidd, Managing Director of the effervescent and ebullient Digital Marketing Agency, Ethinos. He tucks in over 18 years of sales & marketing experience under his belt, gathered from Fortune 500 and other inspiring companies that he has worked with. Sidd is a technology zealot since almost two decades, keenly tracking the interplay between technology, design, and usability across products and services. He brings to the table an industry understanding & background in digital strategy formulation & implementation. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, scuba diving, white water rafting, trekking, and seeking out the outdoors.

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