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Content marketing is used to engage the audience by reflecting the emotional brand-related stories and customer’s experience. Yet, at the same time, it can also be used to increase your website optimization.

There are almost 440 million blogs, according to which one blog for seven and a half people. Despite this enormous amount of content written, it is still effective due to its outreach and visibility;


The large number of content sharing increases its worth in the marketing industry.  Let’s discuss the future of content marketing and writers.

1.   Topical Authority will replace Keyword Research

The topical authority represents the depth of the written content. Shortly, Google will be more focused on topical content rather than any other factor. It is predicted that the new trend of topical authority will overthrow the backlinking in website optimization.

As per this, the concept of keyword research will also become obsolete. The search engine algorithm will rank the content based on its compliance with the website’s context. It reflects that the future content will be lengthy, attractive and provides practical solutions.

2.   Value-Driven content will be esteemed

The increasing number of blogs and rapid adaptation of content marketing generates a need for a value-based approach. The bombardment of content on customers will force them to utilize only content that provides greater value.

The trend of gated content and inadequate eBooks email will be diminished. The majority of readers will decline to subscribe or share their personal information in exchange for content. See the following image elaborating the usage of different tactics for increasing subscriptions.

Brands will be required to showcase their value immediately without any subscription trick or sing in necessities to read the content. The market will be concentrated; readers will switch to other brands and ignore this hassle.

3.   Social Media Metrics will Impact Content More

Social media has become a platform for sharing content and outreaching a wider audience. The marketers are long using this distribution channel. Though, in the near future, there will be significant changes in this distribution channel.

The number of shares and comments on the content will be the new requirement. Previously marketers post and take follow up on the likes and views of the content. In future, this will be dependent upon the engagement and action of the content.

4.   Original Research will be Preferred

The market concentration will lead to the original research and quality content contrary to superficial blogs and inadequately written material. The number of blogging requests and tough routine hurdles brand to stand alone and gain distinct visibility.

Therefore, leaders will utilize a newer type of content for brand promotion. This will be based on original research. The core aim of using this content is to increase the value of content and provide real insights.

The strategy of reaching out to consumers and practically guiding them will significantly impact the viewership of contents. Organizations like Deloitte has already initiated the original research content marketing see the following image;

5.   Attractive content will be in Demand

The attractive content will be in demand. Every piece created requires to be engaging enough to grab the attention of readers and retain it.

The interactive content will be the only way to mark your distinct position. The best way for creating attractive content is by embedding a quiz or an IQ based contest.

It is effective because the majority of people desired to relax and fresh their mind. This will also increase the usage of funny GIFs and informal language in the content.

6.   AI will be adopted

The AI adaptation is penetrating human life. Despite the huge backlash, AI content is making its place in content marketing. In recent days, the contents written by AI robots are not of top-notch quality and can only be used for bottom purposes. But, in the near future, it will be capable enough to create adequate content.

Besides writing the content itself, AI adaptations will be used as external support for writing content. It will facilitate in-depth research regarding a topic and will highlight the errors also.

7.   Videos and Live Streaming will Trend

Video will become the number one form of media in the future of content marketing. YouTube and Facebook will become the must-have items in the video marketing strategy. The promotional and brand storytelling will be the type of videos most demanded in the future.

Organizations have already embedded video content at the utmost priority in their future strategic plans.


The trend initiated from the present-day increases the visibility and effectiveness is 200 times more than written content.

8.   Content Template usage will Increase

The usage of template content will be the future trend due to the higher level of convenience it provides. In future, marketers will be more focused on the quality and quantity of the content rather than the synchronization and interface of the content.

Therefore, the template content will be more preferred by writers. They will utilize a prepared outline and structure in which they’ll have to embed the relevant information only. The formalities and support lines will be pre-written in the template.

These templates will be easily available on official websites. There will be a huge range of template available for every sort of content.

9.   Ideal Length of Content in Future

The quality will be more preferred than quantity in the future. There is a constant trajectory on length of content in the past few years, and it is predicted to continue in the future;


However, the length of content will not assure the readability and viewership of the content. It will be completely dependent upon the attractiveness of the content. It will not be the words for the sake of words.

It will be the words for the sake of quality and retaining viewers. It reflects that quality content writing will be more difficult in the future. The content needs to be lengthy and attractive at the same time.

Where I’ll be in 2025

The future of writers will be dependent upon technology. I believe the majority of us will rely more and more on AI to do our tasks and avoid content writing mistakes. This will kill our productivity and creativity. The inclusion of AI is a sign of threat to many writers, but I believe it can’t replace human beings. See the following critical process of writing, which an AI will never be able to do.


Though, the SEO and basics of writing will be changed. I imagine myself using new SEO techniques for drafting more relevant and authentic content as per the requirement of websites.

The blog domain will be more concentrated, and an ample amount of people will be writing blogs. However, the concept of writing and reading will be replaced by watching and listening; there will be more video content than written material.

According to Dissertation Assistance UK, despite these threats and predictions regarding the future, I believe that content writing and writers have an enlightened future in the marketing industry.

Does Content Marketing have a Bright Future?

The content marketing industry will face some drastic changes in the future. The whole system will be refurbished due to the changes in the search engine algorithm. The concept of keyword research will be replaced by the authenticity and relevancy of the content.

The AI will be used for writing and identifying potential human errors. These will be the major trends in future.

I hope the future trends that I have mentioned above will support you in predicting your position as a writer.

Amanda Jerelyn

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Content Executive at Crowd Writer. The organization is famous for providing essay help to students. She is a dedicated writer and has worked for the betterment and secure future of the writers. Her passion and dedications are visible from her blogs.

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