Harlem Shake – Ethinos Digital Marketing style!

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As a digital marketing agency, we’re quite attuned to having our eyes and ears open to the disruptions, trends, and fads that catch the fancy of the World Wide Web!

And when you’re talking about an entity that boasts of 4,000 variants of it being uploaded on YouTube every single day, there’s no way you can’t notice!

Yes! We’re talking about the Harlem Shake, an internet fad that recently went viral. You can read about it here.

So we did the obvious! Created our own version of it!

Ethinos Digital Marketing

http://bit.ly/XkqUBT (we’d love to know your response)

And then we went a step ahead to analyse the Harlem Shake mania and identify 5 important social media marketing lessons it has.

  1. People will do what you want them to as long as they’re enjoying it – The funny expressions and visible enthusiasm in the videos is proof
  2. Language, location, culture may differ; but emotions transcend those barriers – There are Harlem Shake videos being created and uploaded all around the world
  3. A tangible incentive is not a necessary prerequisite to generate interaction – The only incentive to create a Harlem Shake video is the 30 seconds (literally) of fame and laughs it brings about
  4. The simpler your desired response, the higher is the number of responses you’ll receive – The Harlem Shake video can be created and uploaded in less than 15 minutes using a mobile phone that’s equipped with a video camera
  5. People love to be surprised – No one expected the hype surrounding the Harlem Shake, but everyone joined the fun; right from Barack Obama to apparently even machines!

How far the hype goes and how long before the Harlem Shake mania slows down is something that waits to be seen; and while that happens we’re wondering what the World Wide Web will throw up next! Any thoughts?

Siddharth Hegde

Marketer, Maven, Mentor. 3 Ms that define Siddharth Hegde, a.k.a. Sidd, Managing Director of the effervescent and ebullient Digital Marketing Agency, Ethinos. He tucks in over 18 years of sales & marketing experience under his belt, gathered from Fortune 500 and other inspiring companies that he has worked with. Sidd is a technology zealot since almost two decades, keenly tracking the interplay between technology, design, and usability across products and services. He brings to the table an industry understanding & background in digital strategy formulation & implementation. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, scuba diving, white water rafting, trekking, and seeking out the outdoors.

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