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A busy digital marketing professional can’t easily read many potentially unsatisfactory articles and books or watch videos reexplaining concepts they already know about. Chances are you are looking for something a little more focused and in-depth, and that’s a role great digital marketing podcasts perform extremely well.

Therefore, we’ve compiled this list of five podcasts that we think you should give a try. Whether you’re looking to help your online brand, reach new markets, or simply learn more about how the industry works, there’s a podcast for you. It’s unlikely you’ll think each one is exactly your fit, but we’re confident that among them you’ll find the cast that brings you the information you’ve been waiting to hear all along.

1) Online Marketing Made Easy

On Online Marketing Made Easy, a highly regarded cast that reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners, industry veteran and host Amy Porterfield provides experiences, tips (which are usually easily actionable), plans, and more to marketers looking to find a little bit more solid ground in the business.

On occasion, Amy will also bring on guests to discuss more intensive marketing topics or trends in the industry to consider. We recommend this podcast to digital marketing beginners and experts alike, and especially to small business owners looking to reach out and find customers.

2) Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Hosted by two highly accomplished industry experts, Marketing School asks interesting questions and answers them before you were curious about them in the first place. Great for marketers of all kinds and those interested in getting the most current trends and updates about digital marketing.

Each episode runs about ten minutes long, making it an easy listen and great for people who still don’t have too much extra time on their hands. For those who want a lot to listen to, the show comes out every single day, allowing you to constantly work on expanding your knowledge and improving your marketing efforts.

3) The Science of Social Media

From Buffer, The Science of Social Media provides new insights on social media marketing and lets you learn more than you would by your own research alone. The tips are easy to put into practice and the podcast is able to stay interesting to people of all levels of expertise in the field. It’s a fun listen and varies from episode to episode, featuring stories, more inspirational episodes, and other topics.

They currently have over 100 episodes to listen to, and most of them don’t go over 15 minutes, making it a great podcast to listen to when you’re at lunch or just need a break to bring in some new ideas.

4) Duct Tape Marketing

Started in 2009, the weekly podcast Duct Tape Marketing (hosted by John Jantsch) is dedicated to bringing the listener new insights each week from the marketing space, bringing you strategies that have been well-considered and will serve you for a long time to come. Ideas presented are a good mix of new and old, and will serve those in the business space exceptionally well.

We recommend that you pay attention to the interviews with industry leaders in order to not only understand what they are thinking but get a better understanding as to where the digital marketing industry is headed.

5) Marketing Smarts

The Marketing Smarts podcast is a trove of marketing information provided by MarketingProfs. A weekly show, they bring on an expert guest each week to talk in-depth about an aspect of marketing. Regardless of where your company is or what you need to know, you can almost certainly find a Marketing Smarts episode that would be great to start with.

You can expect a wide range of content and you may even want to go back and listen more than once in order to get the full range of information provided by these experts. The research they perform is more than what you’d find elsewhere.


Of course, this is just a strong sampling of the many great podcasts available on the topic. We’re also sure that newcomers will bring fresh ideas to the field, so keep your screens and ears open to new podcasts ready to make their mark.

Are there any other podcasts you’d recommend that would be useful to digital marketers, whether in the niche or not? How do you feel about our selections? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a reply in the field below.

Kevin Conner

Kevin Conner is the founder and CEO of a customer acquisition and lead generation company in the home services arena. His strengths lie in creating a strategic vision and leading a team to successfully execute that vision. Most recently he and a small team have launched, a broadband and TV search engine.

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