Reciprocal and Three-Way Link Building Tips For 2012

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Links are one of the major factors which play an important role in determining the page rank and SERPs of your website. As a matter of fact, back links are a part of the Google algorithm that finds out how many sites are linking to your website and are one of the secret methods to gain high SERPs and page ranks. Today, the quality in back links is much more important than the quantity (number of websites linking to your site). We all know the algorithm changes many times in a year and in this competitive industry search engines like Google are improving their tactics for checking the back links of each website. The technique of reciprocal link building and three-way link building is the oldest way to build back links for a website. We know that the golden rule is to get one-way back links for a website. BEST LINK BUILDING TIPS 2012

Three-way link exchange techniques will help you to get quality one-way back links. In these few years, webmasters have seen that most of the websites have slowed down the process of getting any type of links from reciprocal and three-way link exchange techniques. They have started giving more importance to quality. It is the Google algorithm which defines quality with certain parameters that helps boost the SERPs and page rank of your website.

Some of the parameters which you should take care of while building reciprocal and three-way links are:
1) Relevance: Today, just generating back links for a website is not enough. Page relevance plays an important role and search engines give more weightage to relevant links compared to irrelevant links. Today, the biggest challenge you face in SEO is to find relevant links which will match these parameters.
2) Page Rank: Page rank is a vast term. It is basically a Google system which counts link votes which help to determine the most important page. Here the question is how the page rank will play an important role to boost SERPs. In Search Engine Optimization, page ranks are used for strategic link development, and today SEOs use a combination of trusted links and page ranks to get ranking for certain search phrases, instead of just building high page rank links.
3) Out Bound Links: Websites with high out bound links are considered as a link farm. The link juice is distributed between all the linking websites. Today, getting links from such websites does not make any sense. So if you are exchanging links with other websites, then avoid linking to a website with high out bound links.
(There are certain link farms that can cause a website to be penalized by Google.)
4) Domain Age: Google gives more importance to domain age and it is one of the important things to get authority and status. So, getting links from old age domain will really help your website to rank well in the search engine.
5) Importance of IPs: Some webmasters build too many sites to link their main website to get high SERPs. These are known as duplicate C-class links and they should be avoided. Search engines have updated their algorithm to check for duplicate C-class IPs of inbound links. Before getting any link, check the class of the IPs of the linking websites.
These are five important parameters from thousands of Google parameters to check the quality of back links. Adopting these five parameters can boost your SERPs and also help you to build quality reciprocal and three-way links for your website. Any more important parameters for checking the quality of back links are welcome. SEO professionals and experts can share their comments, views, opinions or feedback.

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