Tips to recover your penalized websites rankings

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

With major algorithmic updates like Panda and Penguin by Google, as well as related messages in your webmasters account message box, the panic levels are likely to be high when it comes to search engine rankings (fearing a fall in ranks)for targeted keywords.

Some of the dilemmas that have troubled most experts were as follows:

  • How can the concerned websites recover from the penalties?
  • What actions could webmasters take to prevent or avoid penalties?
  • Is it possible to gain good ranks again?
  • Is there some action needed to be taken on the message, o is it just a notification?
  • How much time do webmasters have to fix the issues?
  • How can the links be bifurcated into spam or good quality?

In the meanwhile, it has become clear that penalized sites can still recover; if they can resolve their major issue, which is differentiating between spam and quality links.

The problem however is that this needs to be done manually. A tool that can carry out this task for you precisely has not been developed yet. Once you manually create a list of unnatural links to your website, you need to upload it to Google disavow for reconsideration.

This will help your site to recover its original rankings.

The root cause of this problem is the creation of a large number of back links in a relatively short period of time. Due to the updates in Google’s algorithm, search engine optimizer will now have to change their link-building strategies.

After doing a reasonable amount of reading on unnatural links and messages in webmasters about quality links, I can now say for sure, that you should be careful of each and every link directed to your website.

Also, one tip I would give you is to avoid ‘search engine submission services’ because they ultimately end up as a waste of time and harm the website. This has also been validated by Google’s John Mueller who says that using these services can have a direct negative impact on the website’s rankings.

If you have faced any problems with your website and would like to discuss them, or if you have found out a way to recover website rankings and would love to share them; do get in touch!

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