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This is turning out to be a record setting phase for us at Ethinos!

After the interaction record we set on our post on the Olympic Gold Quest Facebook page; this month we made it to the milestone of one million fans on Saina Nehwal’s Facebook page.

Olympic Gold Quest also declared a surprise gift for the lucky person who was the millionth one to ‘like’ the page!

Another opportunity that came along this month was the chance to understand and leverage the LinkedIn Influencer Management Program. This is an initiative that began as an invitation-only program and Viren Rasquinha, CEO, Olympic Gold Quest, was among the 150 members including Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Richard Branson, etc. who were enlisted for this programme.

This allowed us to understand what the programme was, write content for it, and see how it works; so if the need arises, we can effectively incorporate it into a sound digital marketing strategy.

And while some of us were busy living sports-crazy, others were exploring everything tech-savvy. In the month of October we began handled the digital marketing for the NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave and the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference. In addition, we are now NASSCOM’s official digital marketing partner who handles their corporate social presences too. This has taken us a step ahead in our aim to strengthen our B2B focus and play an important role in simplifying complex B2B communication.

At Ethinos, celebrations are never complete without food. And our love for food never allows us to run out of reasons to celebrate! On 6th October, Saturday, when it didn’t just rain but poured, we decided that everyone who was brave enough to remain in office and continue working deserved a treat! So all the late-workers in office got treated to this amazing berry-blast cake!


If you want to join in the fun, and the work; we’re hiring!

Take a look at our careers section, and if you see yourself as one of us, send in your resume to killerjobs@ethinos.com.

Siddharth Hegde

Marketer, Maven, Mentor. 3 Ms that define Siddharth Hegde, a.k.a. Sidd, Managing Director of the effervescent and ebullient Digital Marketing Agency, Ethinos. He tucks in over 18 years of sales & marketing experience under his belt, gathered from Fortune 500 and other inspiring companies that he has worked with. Sidd is a technology zealot since almost two decades, keenly tracking the interplay between technology, design, and usability across products and services. He brings to the table an industry understanding & background in digital strategy formulation & implementation. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, scuba diving, white water rafting, trekking, and seeking out the outdoors.

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