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Tracking the online political chatter – March-April 2014

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There is a lot of noise going on around the elections, be it on the street, television or the internet. We are all surrounded by political parties pitching their own ways of making India better. But do you know what people are actually talking about online? Which party is most talked about? Which party or leader is the most preferred? What’s the sentiment like among states?

All the answers lie here. The Voice of Democracy – our monthly analysis report,  and Digitally Inked – a weekly report where we track conversations online to give you the statistics on who’s the leading politician online, which party is popular, what are the states talking about and what issues are driving the chatter online.

Here are some interesting insights that caught our attention:

  • 39% of the online population consists of women, but of this 39%, less than 30% prefer talking politics.
  • Offline events have a tremendous impact on online conversations and sentiments for parties.
  • Narendra Modi is the popular politician online considering his large fan following and innovative digital activities.
  • BJP was the most talked about party last month and received close to 40% of the total online mentions about political parties.
  • AAP is the most liked party with lot of positive conversations, while BJP is the most popular party with the maximum number of conversations.

As the elections have now begun, it would be interesting to see how many of these online sentiments impact the elections results this year. It will be an indication of the impact of digital marketing strategy of each of these political parties.

To get more insights on the online political conversations for March and the first two weeks of April take a look at The Voice of Democracy -March2014,

The Voice of Democracy – March 2014 – #Elections2014 from Ethinos Digital Marketing

and Digitally Inked April –

Week 1

Week 2.


Digitally Inked – 7th April 2014 to 13th April 2014 – #Elections2014 from Ethinos Digital Marketing

Week 3.

We’ve done the talking and now it’s time to hear your voice. Did you find the insights interesting? Anything you would want to add to our list? Do you think the social media agency of each party is doing a good job?

Tell us by leaving a reply below. And don’t forget to exercise your superpower by voting for what’s best for our nation!

Alfred Barretto

Alfred is part of Ethinos’ social media team and helps clients with effective social media strategies.

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