What Is Blogger Outreach? Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Get Started

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Have you ever heard of the blogger outreach? Today, it is one of the most effective link building strategies, but why?

Well, first let’s answer what is blogger outreach SEO? In a nutshell, an SEO blogger outreach service is all about reaching out to established websites and bloggers while asking for them to publish an article that is all about your service or product. In it, a few relevant keywords will link back to their website.

This is considered to be the most natural way on how to build links. However, it is the most expensive since blog owners know how much they value. Just imagine getting a high authority brand to talk about your company and brand. Not only that, but they will also link to your site.

Not only that it will going to drive traffic to your website but, blogger outreach will also help you gain tons of SEO juice. When Google crawls your page, you’ll have no problem with ranking for the specific keyword you wanted.

Get Started Today

Just like other entrepreneurs, you will probably not have the patience and time to reach out to blogs in your industry. Plus, you have to pay for a high price considering your valuable time.

It’s not easy to establish a relationship and reach out to these bloggers. A lot of them will only communicate with you via email. They are often strict with what content they want to be published in their site.

So how do you get started with blogger outreach?

Well, the best way is to hire a company that provides blogger outreach services. Most have already built relationships with a lot of niches so you can rest assured that you will have backlinks to your site faster.


Blogger Outreach Best Practices

When it comes to blogger outreach campaigns, here are some tips especially when you want to do it yourself.

  • Study The WriterDon’t waste your time by asking what the blog is covering, take the time to research and study the writer.
  • SimplifyDon’t write emails that are too long. Make sure you have written everything that’s needed and keep it simple. The bloggers you are contacting can be busy, and if you don’t get to the point, there’s a chance they won’t understand you.
  • Show PassionBe passionate about your outreach emails. Emotional pitches are better than a generic one. If you sent a generic and non-personalized email, you’re bound to doom land. But please remember not to be annoying.
  • Get CreativeCreativity is one of your best assets. You have to explain what your brand is and what makes it different. Surround it with useful and creative content.
  • Build TrustWhen it comes to talking with bloggers, it is essential to building trust to establish a relationship. Work hard and be their friend. Follow their social media accounts, and comment on their blogs.

All in all, you have to remember that you can quickly destroy a relationship before it even started. Don’t waste people’s time and follow the tips we’ve provided above. Work hard to grasp the attention of the blogger.

Johanes Bangao

Johanes is a digital nomad who writes and loves to go on spontaneous travels. She likes to camp and spends the night stargazing. You can read about her travels at wanderera.com

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