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As I travel in my rickshaw on my way to start another day, in a social media agency, my mind can’t help but ponder. What am I thinking about? Well, I am thinking about how good this blog needs to be so that I can share it on Facebook. Or should I tweet about it? And then it hits me, how often are we stuck in this conundrum and why. Now if you are thinking why not share it on both, I’ve got news for you. It’s not about where you share it, it’s about… why. Why do I need to tell the world (the 5-6 people I talk to) what I am up to at all times? It’s like a drug and we are all hooked on to it. Right from 6-7 year old kids to even 60 year olds. The range is definitely wider; but these are the ages of the youngest and eldest people I know on Facebook. So how does it happen? You keep telling yourself that is the last meme you are going to read or it’s the last cat video you are going to watch and bam! You’re hooked for the next hour or so. Stuck in social zombie mode. Blank faced LOLs and ROFLs. Do you remember the last time you actually laughed? I don’t. I remember the last time I thought something was funny… I LOL’d it. And that was about 5 minutes ago when my phone rang; and I apparently have been tagged in a random picture of a cat thinking he is human. Funny, right? Now this seems to be taking a turn for the worst…and I think I should G+ this blog for sure!
On a serious note though, what makes my dad wake up in the morning and check his Facebook page even before he has had his cuppa tea?  I know the answer! It is all because of…

Digital Marketing Agency

So maybe we are addicted or maybe we are in denial. Either ways, here’s how social media has improved you and me. Working in a digital marketing company, there are a few things you notice. Which; for security reasons, cannot be disclosed. So here’s a picture of a surprised cat instead!

social Media agency

Just kidding. So working with a social media agency you come across some very odd yet interesting stats, like, did you know an average smartphone user logs into Facebook almost 14 times a day? And that’s only on mobile. Another extremely popular aspect of Facebook is the Like button. And it’s not popular just on Facebook. It’s everywhere! On every website, blog, microsite; even on random pop-ups.

Social media has gained tremendous importance in all aspects of life. And it will soon be our primary outlet to the world. Recent stats have showed that kids learn about current affairs more through social media than any other medium. While regular offline life is separated by 6 degrees of separation, the number for Facebook is just 3.74.  2.5 billion of the 7 billion (give or take a few) people on earth (and the international space station) are online, that’s about 35 percent. And that number is going up fast! Looking at an even more astonishing fact, a total of 6 billion people use a cell phone (semi-colon + shift ‘o’) and with Facebook crossing the 1 billion mark, it has now become a platform used by 1 in every 7 people around the world. So why, inspite of hundreds of options out there do people love Facebook so much? I know why social media agencies do. It’s because you guys are there already, so being on Facebook makes it easier for us to get the message of our clients out to you, and in a very effective method. And my answer of why you are here on Facebook (which I stole from a friend), is to stay connected. Human interaction is and will be in the near future (later than that I cannot guarantee) a must, and social media takes the essence of human interaction; our memories, our views, thoughts, opinions and amplifies them. It collates them into a box with a bow on top, ready to be shared with the world (of course depending on your privacy settings); constantly altering the proximity between individuals. It is a convenient medium for parents to interact with their kids, keeping in touch with friends, stalking your crush (just kidding we never do that), and of course making new acquaintances. Well if that isn’t enough there are always games to play, brand pages to visit and memories to be relived.

So, have you shared this blog on your Facebook already?

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