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Business is one department that deals heavily with people, specifically with their wants and needs. Due to the extended and complicated relationship that people themselves have with their wants and needs, businesses required to be equally vast and complex to suit the patterns of their clientele.

There are many ways to broach the marketing of a good or service, and seldom a “one size fits all” option that truly does cover all bases. Because of that, it is imperative that you do the research that goes into finding the right way to advertise for the business sector you are in, and with the way the world is moving today, it would be wise to consider the role of digital marketing.


The selling of goods is a prime example of business, and because it is so common, the means to advertise are thankfully vast. Word of mouth marketing, mass marketing, online marketing, and event marketing are only a few substantial options for advertising goods among many. Online marketing in particular, as previously mentioned, has taken on its own realm of possibilities.

As digital marketing has grown exponentially since the widespread use of the internet, one of the most popular ways to market goods to consumers is via social media advertisements. Ads cover the sides of social media pages, online articles, and more, often suited for the user presumed to be on the other end of it. As the internet can track someone’s web search history, it has opened doors as far as advertising exactly what that person wants to see, and is therefore significantly more likely to buy.


Selling services is not wildly different from selling goods, as digital marketing can be almost equally important in this department. However, because it is an experience as opposed to a tangible item, the need to convince a potential buyer of reliability and worthiness of its price grows, as an unsatisfying service results in lost time as opposed to simply returning or exchanging a good.

There are of course ways to ensure clientele via digital marketing, such as this chiropractic marketing that gets results, but much of it is reliant upon word of mouth and positive reviews on various websites, including but not limited to social media.


Naturally, when marketing both goods and services, the stakes are even higher to convince possible customers that they would be better off with these products and experiences. That’s when video advertisements become ideal, as they captivate the attention of the viewer and are given the platform to express the benefits of the good and service being marketed. Many videos online are monetized in a way that allows for video ads to take place, thereby making them platforms even more accessible to internet users everywhere.

One of the strongest means of advertising in the digital age is to not only create social media accounts in order to connect with people virtually, but to present personas within those same accounts in order to be tangible and relatable for the audiences that use social media.


When trying to market manufactured goods, or goods going from the manufacturer to the supplier, the need for a wide scope of audiences is much less necessary than for goods and services trying to reach the general public. Those trying to sell manufactured goods should look into search engine optimization as far as digital marketing goes, so that when suppliers are looking for specific kinds of manufactured goods, yours are the first ones to appear in the search engine.

It is imperative to be aware of how your potential consumers search and find the goods and services they purchase and to therefore market accordingly. Social media dominates society more and more as it plays a pivotal role in many people’s lives, and therefore in order to reach people personally, you must first meet them in the virtual marketplace of thoughts and ideas. So, while marketing can be achieved in numerous ways for various purposes, as the world grows more virtually dependent, so does business, and thus its methods must adapt.

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