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We live in an ever-changing and constantly adapting world. Not so much in the biological sense of the term, but in terms of the sphere of social trend that envelopes us. That very sphere which seems to have created a void in our originality. And in our desperate to get back that originality and strike a sensible balance between the real world and our zilllion virtual avatars, we seem to have lost track of who we really are. The past seems like a distant memory kept safe within the confinement of images, texts and more. And I look at it all and say, why? Why the fuss about it all? That makes for a great essay on a Facebook status, doesn’t it? And working with a Digital marketing company, you notice a lot of these essays; some overflowing with excitement and others not so much.

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Going back to the past, I grew up in a world with 6 degrees of separation.  A world where people actually met each other, where excitement and laughter was not expressed in lol’s and J and hanging out meant you had to be there physically. Aah the good ol’ days! They seem so far! But moving on, social media has brought the world really close and I am a big enough fan to actually be working in it. Though I look back and reminisce about the days gone by, I still am all for this new revolution called social media and proud to be a professional who contributes to digital marketing strategy. I am a part of a society that lives breathes and thrives over the social sphere, and if required we can have a worthwhile existence on it even from the confines of a single room. We may not be dressed in suits and ties and our choice of attire may seem staggeringly unprofessional to ye of weaker minds. But in the true reality of things, we secretly run the world. Stretched it too far? Yea I thought so too! But then give it another thought and you may realize what we are all about. We are the alpha and the omega of your day. We are the trend setters, the ones who give you the option to like something, but not one to unlike it. We can build you up or make u crumble in less than 140 characters. We are who you turn to as and when there is that slight lull in your day. But for all those who just got taken aback reading this monologue of us powerful selves, you can relax! Our quest for world domination is quite short-lived. We maybe an aggressive breed, but world domination is not so high on out to do list. We prefer to shape your world, one like at a time. J

Life in a digital marketing agency operates beyond the realms of a 9 to 5 work stigma. You don’t survive the day, you live it. Just walk in and you will be enveloped in a vibrant creativity and a potpourri of different minds working as one. Where no idea goes unnoticed and no thought left unsaid. From expressive graffiti on our walls to the words in our stride, we are the socialites of the digital world, the observers of change. And entertain is what we do. We aren’t restricted to an organization, a brand or a product. What we are; is a collective whole of free thinkers. We don’t stand for something, we stand for everything. We strategize, we adapt and grow; we live the social way of life. Do you?

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