20 PPC Landing Page Tips for Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

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PPC landing pages are an important element of search engine marketing; and need to be optimized for better results. PPC landing pages will help you to build trust for the brand and target leads that are more likely to bring about sales, downloads, sign-ups, etc. While it is a known fact that creatively designed landing pages help to increase conversion rates; here are some other factors which need to be considered too.

1)      Landing pages should be focused on building visitors who will build trust and generate leads, sales, downloads, sign-ups etc.

2)      You should monitor the Quality Score of your keywords and make the changes required if it drops. This will help optimize your digital marketing strategy.

3)      It is important to build brand credibility and this can be done by including awards, testimonials, industry certifications, and other achievements on the landing page.

4)      For lead generation campaigns, the form should be above the fold and should have the minimum number of form fields possible. (Squeeze page)

5)      The call-to-action is a very important element of and should be prominently displayed above the fold on the landing page.

6)      It is a good practice to run ads with 2-3 different types of landing pages. Monitoring responses to every landing page can help you understand the type of text and visuals that work for your audience.

7)      To improve the relevance and Quality Score, it is important to use the ‘H1 tag’ (heading) wherever appropriate.

8)      Carrying out on-page Search Engine Optimization for the landing page will help improve Quality Score of the keywords.

9)       Communication flow is very important. So ensure an appropriate primary heading for your landing page in order to help the visitor.

10)   Do now crowd your landing page with too much text. Explain your products, services, and benefits using pointers and bullets.

11)   Include links to social media presences on the landing page.

12)   Link back to your website’s home page from the landing page.

13)   It is important to host the landing page on the existing domain name rather than hosting it on a new domain.

14)   The content of the landing page should be clear and persuasive enough to make the visitor carry out the desired action like registering, or filling a form, or subscribing to a newsletter or blog, scheduling an appointment, etc.

15)   The landing page should be designed professionally because a better designed and visually appealing landing page will help get better conversion than an averagely designed landing page. Your social media agency can help you design effective landing pages.

16)   Adding a video or video testimonial will also help to get better conversion.

17)   In order to ensure consistency in communication, the ‘thank you’ page at the end of the form should also be designed similar to the landing page.

18)   An analytics tracking code should be properly installed on landing page and thank you page.

19)   A conversion tracking code should be installed on the thank you page.

20)   Adding a secondary call-to-action like SMS or social media profile is beneficial.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • It is important to get in touch with your customer within 24 hours. The faster you track your customer, the better your chances of getting a successful lead.
  • Keep track on the calls and stay in touch with your sales team.
  • There is possibility that your BPO team might be not working on weekends. In such a situation, it is possible that your team will be late in tracking the customers who fill up the form. As a solution, always schedule your PPC ads on weekdays.
  • Effective communication with your sales team will help you optimize PPC keywords properly.  Doing this is a good way of optimizing your digital marketing strategy and integrating insights you get from online and offline marketing.

Hope you found these tips useful!

If you have more insights, feel free to share them in the comments!

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