3 free social media monitoring tools to give you better insights

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Social media monitoring is a vital part of today’s social media strategy. Brands like to hear what their consumers say about them and how they rank in the number of mentions on social media as compared to their competitors. It helps them draft a sound digital marketing strategy.


Socialmention is one of the most widely used social media monitoring and analytics tool. Socialmention allows you to track mentions of your brand, product or just about anything you want to track about from blogs, micro blogs, social networks to news portals, O&A sites and video sites.

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Socialmention also gives you a wide range of analytics of the data you have tracked, giving you the strength and passion of the conversation about a particular topic online, the sentiment ratio, the reach of the topic, the mention intervals, the number of unique authors, the top keywords and the top users which makes it the most comprehensive tool for free social media monitoring and analytics.


(Note: Topsy.com is shut down by Apple, two years after its acquisition; i.e. around 2015)

Topsy not only gives you the most recent search results on the topic you want to monitor, but also the most relevant results which is based on a score calculated on the social influence of the conversation.


Another important feature of Topsy is that it automatically expands a shortened URL shared online, which makes it easier for you to track who has shared your website URL on social media.

You can also get a graphical comparison of three topics of discussion on social media along with their top stories and top links.


Crowdbooster is a good social media monitoring and analytics tool for your social media accounts. Crowdbooster gives you targeted recommendations which help you to reach important influencers, create content that resonates with your audience, and publish content when your audience is most receptive.

You can also analyze the performance of individual tweets or Facebook page posts, track follower and fan growth and get deep audience insights which helps you cultivate and maintain a brand community.

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Do you use social media monitoring tools do you use? How do you decide which one suits your needs best? Does your social media agency regularly keep a track of conversations about your brand?

Share your responses in the comments section!

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