Stop These 10 Email Marketing Mistakes And Increase Your Website Traffic

Stop These 10 Email Marketing Mistakes And Increase Your Website Traffic

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Email marketing can be very complex; it is more than just importing contacts to sending out a campaign. If you are used to email marketing, building new campaigns and promotions can rapidly become very straightforward and automatic. It is therefore very easy to fall into mistakes that can lower the traffic of your website, mess with your analytics and even keep your emails from showing in subscribers’ inboxes.

To overcome these mistakes it is important that you know what you are doing wrong. Here we are presenting 10 common email marketing mistakes for you to check:

  1. Sending The Same Email To Your Entire Database

Your recipients are not all the same and you should make distinctions between them by segmenting your database. This means sending the same type of email diversified in some key aspects of its content depending on the type of recipient, his personal data, interests, and previous actions.The content and filters of platforms such as Litmus and Reach Mail, which is based on personal data, geography, activity, and devices used, let you automate the entire process to narrow your focus and identify the ideal sub-section of your list.

  1. Not Trying A/B Tests

A/B testing is a tool that allows you to understand which of your email elements are more attractive to your recipients. With an A/B test, you can compare two versions of the same message, changing certain features, in order to choose the most effective version.Marketing platforms like Active Trail allow you to do this easily.

  1. Sending Generic Emails 

You should always try to make your emails engaging, add personality to them and make sure that your brand voice is clear. This might take some time but it is worth to think about your audience and to write in a way that is interesting and appealing to them. You can use Write my essay and UK Writings as editing and proofreading tools to help you personalize your emails.

  1. Isolating Email From Other Channels

Email platform, external databases, e-commerce, social media, and business intelligence systems are not separate worlds. Sending platform such as MailChimp and Mad Mimi allows you to connect and integrate every system, synchronize the information on each and have them communicate with each other.

  1. Not Carrying Out Email Tests

It is essential that you carry out sending tests to avoid trivial mistakes using spam checks, previews, link analyses and compatibility checks. The platforms mentioned above allow you to send test emails to major email portals and to analyze their correctness.

  1. Having No Process In Place

It is essential that you build a quality assurance process into your email marketing to ensure that your subscribers do not get overwhelmed with emails and that every email is top quality. A good tip is to create a shared email marketing calendar for your team.

  1. Not Optimizing Your Text

An email is not a blog post or an informative brochure. You should tailor it to make it a teaser for immediate impact. Cluttering an email with too much text is useless, you can use the Easy Word Count platform, an online word counter perfect to keep a count of your words and characters and make sure your email is not too wordy. Not presenting your writing in a clear and accurate way can also put off your recipients; you can take advantage of online tools to help you with your email writing. Use Academized and Custom Paper Writing as copywriting tools for writing your emails and for quality writing guides.

  1. Sender Name Is Keeping People From Opening

Your sender name should be neither too corporate nor too personal. Try presenting your emails as a balance between both personal and professional by using a hybrid format for example with your name and then the name of your company.

  1. Using The First Subject Line You Come Up With

The email subject must fully explain the email’s content and promptly entice its opening. Remember those first impressions are important. 

  1. Not Analyzing Your Stats

Analyzing your campaigns’ progress is absolutely essential in email marketing. Using the analysis tools and reports available from the platforms we suggested allows you to check and optimize your open rates, clicks, and traffic.

There are a number of specific activities that if not optimize can lower the real potential of email marketing.Fix these common mistakes so you can ensure that you are sending the best possible emails to get opens, clicks, and purchases.

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