“Why is it getting more tedious to market on Facebook” – A Social Media Manager’s Prespective

Social Media Marketing

“Social media is getting to be more like a platform for free billboards” They are everywhere given the fact that everyone’s on Facebook, Twitter etc or rather everyone has to be on Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking sites, there’s no better way than to make a loud noise about your brand, business, your new dog, new girlfriend, new hair-do, job etc out there. I whatsoever have no problem with these sites. Fact being, I work for a digital marketing agency and Social Media Optimization is what I like doing. I interact and engage with people I don’t even know and market a product/service to them over social networking sites. BUT I DON’T PISS THEM OFF!!!

Think again, does social media at times, piss you off??

Take this for example. From the time you wake, to you switching on the TV, to your newspaper, to your cell phone, to everything around you, including now the sky, hopefully not targeting the birds and animals next…. You are bombarded with marketing and advertisements thrown literally in your face! Good side is, yes, your now aware about a new product which suits your needs etc. Bad part, when you log on to your “social network” guess what they are there too and even much more louder and this time they in your brain. How?

Take for example the new Facebook, that you see..let me correct myself that you’re bound to see everyone has. Everyones “GAGA” bout some of the new features but some are not! And here is why…

The new Facebook Group Feature

Ever wondered what it would be like to be pushed into a room full with people you don’t know? Cramped, overcrowded, noisy and yes, Pissing off!! That’s the new Facebook group in a nutshell. Some guy gets a wise idea and creates a group “I hate Public Transport” & has the liberty of adding you and a hundreds of people you don’t know and even met.(Whatever happened to those requests?) The worst part is the group chat. It keeps popping up, whether you like it or not! & hundreds of people on it saying “hey, who all are here?” “hey” “wadddup””Hey who added me here?”….. Like shut up!! For crying out loud…!! Away with this… away with this…

Now a person who really likes a brand or service for e.g. lets say a “Nike” will think twice before single clicking that “Like” button. With so many page requests everyday and marketing on Facebook, how many of these pages, really cater to the need and are Listening to their members on Facebook or is it like the crowded room, where everyone’s just going “blah blah blah” about themselves!! It’s indeed a great joy when someone you never know and never met, clicks the like button on your page.

Stop treating your members on your page like they have to listen to whatever you say. But rather, treat them as friends and be there for them…

The applications available on Facebook

You join Facebook, Twitter etc. to know what are your friends up to. Interesting status updates keeps you engaged with one another. Sadly now the only updates you’ll ever see are…

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“XYZ just found out , How to tell someone you love them”, XYZ & YTR & ASG etc are now playing Farmville”, XYZ just found out when are they going to die, XYZ found out what sex position is best for him and which Harry Potter character he is. Really now? If you don’t believe me, I dare you to open your Facebook Home page and count the number of Original status updates to this above…

Whatever happened to the “Good stuff” that your friends used to update you on, even if it’s where they are heading to, or someone’s grandma’s unwell etc…?Status updates that you would want to know more about and keep in touch… You know what I mean.

I admit and proudly say it “I love Facebook” but it’s high time Facebook and people on it, should know where to draw the line.

You may have perceived and read this as a guy grumbling about a free service or he can’t get ahead with his marketing on Facebook. Nah! Numbers matter, I don’t disagree, but how many people are communicating with you, and not you to them. Also forever I shall remember the simple definition of marketing learnt in college.” Marketing is developing strategies to meet the needs of your consumers”

Let’s keep this alive, shall we and market… Ethically!

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