Tips for NGO’s to use Social Media for Raising Funds

Social Media Marketing

Out of interest and also a sense of duty I feel towards society, I’ve generally always believed in doing my bit to support charitable causes. In the course of my business interactions and as a part of the corporate social responsibility of my digital marketing agency, Ethinos Digital Marketing, I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with and work for some charities doing great work towards causes I hold close. And throughout the spectrum of charities I’ve known and understood closely, the area of work notwithstanding, the major issue has always been just one! Raising Funds! Because garnering support is not very difficult. People do have an inherent desire to be good and are open to supporting social causes. But the tough part is in converting this support into a motivation that actually drives them to make a contribution and fund the organization’s activities. But with the advent of social media, NGOs now have one more channel to connect with their supporters and try to garner funds. A sound digital marketing strategy, if employed correctly, can definitely help and NGO ease some of its fund-raising issues. This presentation on How NGO’s can use Social Media for Raising Funds is a useful guide to begin with. And if you need any further professional digital marketing strategy support, help is always at hand at Ethinos Digital Marketing!

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